Trusted Medical Supplier Everyone merits great wellbeing and at ‘Microsidd india’, your wellbeing and prosperity is our need. For more than 20 years, we have thought about the network with an extreme vision of making a more advantageous country, one part at any given moment.

Featured Product Range

Diabetes Care

Choose and buy from 100+ tests kits like Glucometer Strips, HbA1c test kit, Cholesterol test kit, HbsAg test kit, urine Albumin Test kit, Urine Protein test, Urine Ketone Test Strip and more starting at Rs 150.

Challenges Faced By Medical Establishments

High Procurement Cost & Complex Inventory Management

Inconsistent Product Availability & Delayed Deliveries

Need To Deal With Multiple Vendors

Unorganized Asset Tracking & Management

Non-availability Of Spares & Unreliable Service Of Equipment

Unavailability Of Need Based Financing Options

the Microsidd advantages

Dedicated Support

We have a dedicated and highly trained team of experts, who work hard every day with a customer-first approach.

Highly Trusted

Since our inception, we have earned the trust and goodwill of over 2 Lac happy customers and 13,000+ seller partners.

Trusted Medical Supplier in India

Unparalleled Reach

Reaching out to 1000+ towns and 20,000+ pin codes in India through our dedicated  network.

Unmatched Experience

 We Offer smart procurement, competitive pricing & cost savings through our superior product offerings.

Wide Selection

We work with 13,000+ partners, including the world’s leading brands, offering over 5 Lac medical products.

Environmental concerns

We are careful about environment, we follow standardized process at the time of manufacturing and disposition.


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“ I have been purchasing consumables from last 4 years, best deals and delivery. ”

Dr. Santhosh

“Purchased Elisa Reader with reference of a fellow doctor, Machine worth for 1,49,000/- got delivery in 7-8days and engineer came and installed with the full demo. Dr. Pramod easily handled everything ”

Dr. Kavitha Bansal

"Best Suppliers. I've been purchasing diagnostic kits for the last 3 years on monthly basis for my clinic, got the best supplies till date. Zero hassle"

Dr. Ravi Kumar


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