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Vulsellum Forceps Obstetric Forceps

Vulsellum forceps, these are used to grasp the cervical lips to visualise the cervix or during vaginal hysterectomy. They can also be used to grasp a fibroid polyp. They have a pelvic curve. They can be single-toothed, double-toothed or multiple- toothed.



Vulsellum Forceps Obstetric Forceps

Vulsellum Forceps Obstetric Forceps

Vulsellum Forceps is a ratcheted, finger ring, OB/GYN instrument used for gripping the cervix or uterus during procedures such as episiotomy, hysterectomy, or diltaion & curettage. These forceps have 3×4 teeth that provide a secure grip with less trauma than single toothed tenaculum forceps, which bite more deeply. Teale vulsellum forceps have long shanks and long jaws, and are available straight, angled, or curved sideways, This product has a length of 10 inches, fine quality product from the house of MICROSIDD.

Additional Information

WEIGHT175.0 g
DIMENSIONS25.0 × 10.0 × 5.0 cm


  • 100% stainless steel
  • autoclavable
  • High Quality, Genuine MICROSIDD Product
  • Rust Proof & Peel Proof
  • ISO & CE certified Product
  • 1 Year Replacement warranty – No question asked for replacement, just courier to seller with your clear address, within 24-48 hours your replacement will be sent by Microsidd India Bangalore
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Warranty Summary: 100% replacement assured against manufacturing defects, rust, peel-off.
Service Type: Customer needs to send the product to the company for replacement
Covered in Warranty: manufacturing defects
Not Covered in Warranty: Tampering, damage, breakage


Vulsellum Forceps Obstetric Forceps Made from 100% surgical stainless steel, crafted with perfection and gratitude, best partner for an expert Medical Professional.

  • Made from 100% stainless steel, crafted with a perfection and gratitude, best partner for an expert Medical Professional
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