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Mission Urine Strips 10 Parameters

Mission Urine Strips 10 parameter for urine analysis and urinary tract infection test.


Mission Complete Urinalysis 10P

Urine Reagent Strips

The Mission Urinalysis Strips are a great tool to get insight into the patient’s overall health and their metabolic, liver, and kidney functions. It is a very cost-effective screening tool. The Mission Urinalysis Strips are very reliable and have comparable performance to the market leaders.

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Simple & Accurate

  • Analytical sensitivity is better than or comparable to market leaders.
  • A high-quality color chart ensures accurate visual reading.


  • Compatible for Manual and analyzer reading.
  • More than 35 different combinations are available.

Packaging Options

  • Multiple Packaging Options and Long Shelf Life.
  • Available in 100 strips per kit.
  • 1-year shelf life for unopened canisters and 3-month shelf life for opened canisters.
  • Individually packaged strips with 6 strips including 1 color chart per kit.