Test Yourself For HIV: 4th Generation Tests Reveal The Truth In Just 20 Minutes

4th generation hiv test window period of 9 days

Who needs an HIV test?

AIDS patients, pregnant women and children

sex workers and their clients

Men who have sex with men

Those who engage in unprotected or risky sexual behaviors


Homosexuals who are born with HIV

But a recent study has shown that many young adults are not only skipping an HIV test but a test means little to most young people.

According to a study that analyzed data from 59 HIV test kits for adults ages 18–44, there was little to no change in who was getting tested.

What this means is that there are more than 26 million sexually active young adults in America who do not receive HIV tests and thusly are putting their health and lives in danger.

What is 4th generation HIV testing ?

4th generation hiv tests was first introduced in Europe by Medicover Infectology in 2008. This testing technology can detect a virus as small as 50 nanometers. The previous test available only a window period of 3 days, where the virus was detectable within 24 hours. This means that the sensitivity was reduced significantly because it took longer for the antibodies to form in the blood.

4th Generation HIV testing: The fourth generation tests have a window period of only 9 days. This means that the sensitivity of the test is extremely high because of the shorter duration of the window period. The test takes only 20 minutes to administer and there is no need for a needle.

How does 4th generation testing work?

The only test that accurately identifies the HIV virus and its HIV genotype in people without symptoms in 4-9 days is the Genome Dynamic Sequencing (GDS). This new technology makes it possible to identify the HIV virus type in people without symptoms in 4-9 days. This means that with the 4th generation test, it will no longer take 30 days to detect a virus which has a 50 percent viral load and is well suppressed. This test comes with a window period of 20 days which means the test can detect HIV in a population with 90 percent viral load. It is important to note that this window period is different from the 4th generation hiv test when the viral load is between 1-10%.

Why is it important to test for HIV now?

HIV is most prevalent among young people, women, the poor and in rural areas

HIV testing through blood, oral fluid, rectal swab and other tests could prevent millions of infections.

In addition, a person with the HIV infection could test positive in a laboratory test for one or more years before presenting with clinical symptoms

HIV is curable when detected early and effectively treated

Can the test be obtained at your local pharmacy?

No, this is a test only available at national referral hospitals.

Can you take the test in a convenience store?


How can you protect yourself from HIV?

According to the CDC website, a safer sex strategy is to use a latex condom and female condoms, or male condoms, every time you have sex.

What are the benefits of 4th generation testing?

The main advantages of 4th generation testing are the ease of use, rapid results and accuracy. A result can be obtained within 20 minutes.

  1. Smaller window period – for now (this limitation can be changed).
  2. Real-time results.
  3. Less samples needed to diagnose a patient.
  4. Result without additional verification.

HIV affects a person’s immune system. There is no cure, only medication to combat the symptoms of HIV. According to HIV.gov, one of the most common stages for HIV to take place is when the HIV is in stage 3 HIV. This is the last stage of HIV before treatment and cure are available.


4th generation HIV tests are also fast to detect HIV infection with a range of 90% plus detection rate compared to other testing methodologies 4th generation hiv test window period of 9 days

For the record, use of the PCR test kits with 2nd Generation HIV test kits is that it is practically impossible to detect HIV infection in this testing period.

how to use hiv rapid test kit?

The above is a summary of the process of how the test works. To appreciate the process and how it is made work, a 4th generation HIV test kit is tested.

In the course of making the test work, 2nd generation HIV tests are discarded. The HIV test kit is a small plastic ampoule containing HIV antigen.

Antigen is a protein found in HIV cells which reacts with the 4th generation Test kits on a plate.
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picture of 4th generation hiv test kit

Test Yourself For HIV: 4th Generation Tests Reveal The Truth In Just 20 Minutes
4th generation hiv test accuracy


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